Universal Auto Parts Ltd

We buy damaged cars, please call us


Our service is quick and hassle free

We understand that when you need to get rid of an unwanted vehicle, you don’t want to be kept waiting! We offer fast scrap removal services and will often be able to remove your old car on the same day that you get in contact.

To get a free cash for cars quote or book our vehicle removal team, call 0800 333 317 or use the form. and we’ll call you back shortly.

More information about cash for cars in Auckland below the image…

Up to $12,000 cash for your vehicle

As well as removing your vehicle completely free of charge, we will pay you up to $12,000 cash for it. You can get an approximate quote on our Cash Quotes page and all you have to do is contact us to get an accurate quote…

Freephone: 0800 333 317

Email: info@exportautopart.com

Prompt vehicle removal in Auckland

Our scrap car removal team don’t just work with cars. If you have an old truck, an SUV or any type of junk vehicle that you want to get rid of, we can help. We pay cash for scrap trucks and buy just about any type of vehicle.

Cash for cars – All makes and models in any condition

Whether, you’re having an old or broken vehicle that is taking an unwanted place at your home or backyards, it’s a good time to call us. We are one of the best car wrecking automotive companies in Auckland. We buy your car, any make, any model and any condition. You can get a free cash for scrap cars quote by calling us or filling out our online form.

Environmentally friendly car wreckers

The last thing we need is vehicles being left to pollute our environment! When our team remove your vehicle, you can be sure that every useable part will be recycled and anything left will be disposed of carefully.